Most Distant Star

by Midway Fair

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Our forthcoming Oct. 2014 release.


released October 4, 2014

Jon Patton: Guitars, vocals, and mandolin
Jen Parde: Piano, vocals, and hand percussion
Joe Scala: Bass and vocals
Christopher Freeland: Drums and percussion

Engineered and mixed by Christopher Freeland at Beat Babies Studios in Woodstock, MD
Mastered by Mickey Freeland



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Midway Fair Baltimore, Maryland

Pretty music about ugly things.

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“Reminds me a lot of Fairport Convention [...] The playing and craft are exquisite.“ ~Jon Worley, Aid & Abet

For the most part, timeless [...] like a group of minstrels found electric guitars and wrote an album over the course of 500 years.

~John Powell,, July 18, 2011
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Track Name: Most Distant Star
You were the light and the most distant star
A fusion reaction in the engine for your part
And I was tired of the dark
I was hungry and poor
An animal desperate to stay warm

Do we rhyme?
Are we together?
Well, not all the time, but more often than never

I put faith in my feet, and a thousand miles to bear
There was storm in silence and fire in the air
And the August sky was streaked with my grandmother’s hair
And you were a ground in the unknown

Somehow we talked despite lightyears between
About the prides of lions and the fears of the weak
And even in the daytime I could keep you
First to the right to get home
There was no moment of panic, no injuring words
No discord, confusion, or imperfect third
And I tried to keep you close
But you kept falling away
And everything burns away
Everything burns away
Everything burns away
Everything burns away
Track Name: Gone to California
I’ve gone to California
To the last inch of land
Someday you’ll understand, son
when you grow to be a man

You can run forever if the end is in sight
And the best way to love is blind
Water can drown you or keep you alive
but the devil's gonna get you every time

I was married by twenty to the first girl I laid
and I never planned on a son
There was no where to work and no way to get paid
and there’s more pretty girls than one

Some nights when I lay me down to sleep
I can smell her body next to me
And the river will carry me down to the sea
and someday my conscience will be free
someday my conscience will be free

Someday when you’re older and you read this letter
when you’re old enough to decide if you agree
Was it better to leave behind two people to suffer
or to stay by their side and make it three?
Track Name: Ones and Zeros
Oh I can’t imagine a heart like an engine
Goes on and on and on and on and on
It’s been far too long in coming
It’s all become so numbing
It goes on and on and on and on and on

Turn out the light
Put on your coat
It isn’t just the good ones that go
It isn’t just the good ones that go

You’re not alive unless you’re bleeding.
This victory’s just conceding
it goes on and on and on and on and on
And I don’t have a lot of answers
I made a mess of second chances
it goes on and on and on and on and on

And I'm not sorry for impropriety
I’m not sorry for insecurity
I’m just sorry that I’m breaking your heart
Track Name: Be What You Like
I know you were the kind
to be always one branch higher
Anything to be at the top of the tree

When I finished my climb
I knew I was a flier
My heart wanted much more than you and me

Be what you like
Be what you like
Be what you like
Everything else is a lie

Always biting your tongue
You played helpless and quiet
Clinging to restraints you were chained to the ground

I was the tongue-tied boy
Rooted and grounded and bored
Maybe a broken arm was all I needed