by Midway Fair

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| C#m E | A / Bsus4 / | E | When I was in Ashville had everything needed in the world | C#m E | A / Bsus4 / | E | She had marmalade lips and pretty Madonna curls | C#m E | A / Bsus4 / | E | But I came home too late maybe one too many times | C#m B | E | She said I fed her just one too many lines Chorus | E | C#m / B / | E / B / | E We are all somewhere between nowhere and here | C#m / E / | C#m / E / | A / B / | E Just along for the ride, never the one with your hands on the wheel She said turn down your wheels, and I will be your home Anywhere you rest will be a place to rest your bones But anywhere I’ve been is no place to raise a kid A family’s another stupid thing I did | C#m | A / B / | E | I had a beer with a friend from years ago in town | C#m B | E He said he’s surprised to see me back around | C#m | A / B / | E | He said he wished he’d traveled all his life like me | C#m B | E So I told him what I am to bring him down --- Twenty | A E | B / A / years living out of suitcases “giving it a go”, could’ve | A E | B / A / Been a hundred more and I’d have just as much to show, making | A E | B / A / less than you can eat on and drinking what you earned | A E | B / C#m / I guess I came from nothing and to nothing I’ve returned We are all somewhere between nowhere and here Just along for the ride Never the one with your hands on the wheel Never the one with your hands on the wheel
|E6 E | E6 E Sam’s gone to sleep, I can still hear her breathe | Bsus4 C#m7 | Bsus4 E when the lights go out when the lights go out And I don’t have the money to move out on my own So I sleep on the couch and she sleeps alone When her Uncle Charlie passed we drove upstate We pretend that we’re fine, pretend that we’re fine Aunt Lynn served the coffee, and held her cross Said he wasn’t the best, but she loved him like the best | C#m7 | A B And now we’re gone It’s too much to hold on | C#m(7) | A B(6) | E Now we’re gone Once we were here and now we’re gone She said in his last few weeks a stroke made him worse She said he drank a lot, said he drank too much She asked if there could be some worth in suicide Once you’ve done what you’ve done and there’s nothing left inside | E / / B | C#m / / B We didn’t talk much then on the long drive away I waited till we parked to ask if she’s okay until she climbed the stairs to ask if she’s okay till she closed the bedroom door to ask if she’s okay And now something has died here, something has died We buried it slowly when it was alive I marked the place in my mind where we left it behind | A | B But now it’s gone
D I used to worry you would leave me G Bm I’d worry myself sore D G About things that would displease you D A Bm [A A7] Now I don’t worry anymore G D I put your out of my mind A Bm When I close my my eyes G D Honey believe me I don’t A Bm A D ... mean to be unkind I put you out of my mind I used to miss the golden sunsets And the birds outside the door And how your curls fell on your neck But I don’t miss them anymore D G I used to tell you that I love you D [ring] A [ring] [A | A7 ] But I can’t do that anymore
| E | | G#m B C#m Put on your wool cap and your best leather boots | E | / / A / | G#m B F#m | F#m6 / E / It’s already snowing and the crows have taken flight | / / A / | | G#m B E In case you run into trouble I loaded an extra bandolier |E | / / Esus4 / | G#m B C#m | / / E / Stay on the road and be home before night | G#m B C#m / | / / E / | G#m B C#m / | / / E / Be home before night keep your back to the dark and the | G#m B E | | G#m B C#m / | sun on your right be home before night He found a songbird’s feather and he kept it for luck He saw a deer at the crossroads but was slow to load It bolted for the creek and it fell through the ice His tracks snowed over and so did the road Some hours on he heard the sound of machines And a diesel smoke column blew over the spruce Heard a fleeing hawk owl as the soldiers approached And lay in the heather to stay hidden from view He closed his eyes for a time and breathed on his hands Snow covered his cap and he couldn’t feel his feet He wiped the frost from his face, pulled his coat tight for heat But the footsteps like heartbeats lulled him to sleep | E | | G#m B | C#m And in his dream he saw sunlight streak through the leaves | E | A / | G#m B | F#m And a firebird singing like a summer eventide | E | A | G#m B | E Followed ‘til he came to a dead apple tree | | Esus4 E | G#m B |C#m And there lay the deer with a wound in her side | E | | | side He opened his eyes and saw the last soldier pass Picked up his rifle and took a straight path to home Took his mother by the hand and said there’s no time to lose And they watched from a distance as a shell hit their home
| D | | Bm | I wish you hadn’t said you still loved me | G | | A7 | When you said you’d made up your mind | D | | Bm | I wish you’d been as angry as I | G | A7 | D | When I said we’re a waste of time | D |Bm | D | I wish you’d thrown (oohs) | D | D/c# | Bm | A(walkup) something against the wall | D |Bm | D | Couldn’t leave it alone (oohs) | D | D/c# | Bm | A(walkup) So let’s end this once and for all | D |Bm | G | A I wish you’d be half as mad as | D | A(walkup) me We blew away like smoke from your lips Where we’d always hung on before After endless nights awake on the floor Don’t think I can stand one more Deep in our bones we both know it’s nothing or all We could still make a go Though we both know the chances are small Wish I could see someway to let it be So if your love is slipping away I’ll tell you some words you can trust Never mind the bullshit that you’ve loved and lost I’m pretty sure it’s not worth the cost So just be alone And never give it your all Cause you know they won’t Be waiting when you fall I wish I’d known how to let it go
Em C Am Stormwater’s rising up the creek Em C Am We’ll roll away the stone in about a week F C The sun’s is there waiting F C G ‘hind the thunder for its turn F G Am Does it matter if we drown of if we burn Moses stood knee deep in the rising flood Told the red sea take the pharoah’s blood The desert wasn’t promised So much as it was earned Does it matter if we drown or if we burn Can’t say there’s a change from dark to wake Between what you dream and what you make Last century’s a burden That you say ain’t your concern Does it matter if we drown or if we burn
G D Baby it’s been a long black night C G And we’ve both said things we regret C G But let me tell you something right now, darling, D We can’t bury this love yet NC Oh honey we’ve got to D Em G D Try try try try ... G Em Try a little harder C G Or some morning we’re gonna wake up alone C /b Em We can’t be apart, baby C G We should be in each other’s arms C D But there’s just one thing …. oh we’ve got to try I know lately things have been rough I haven’t always been there when I should You don’t have to look hard for the bad, baby But you can say the same about the good Bridge: G Em Don’t say let’s call it a night C G Don’t you dare say that we’re done C I want to give you every piece of my heart D G Remember why we first fell in love
Entirety 03:55
| C#m7 E | | Gm7 | E (wor-ry) | E B | A | E | Be my worry | Gm7 / | E | | Always on my mind | E B | A | E | Be my fear, honey | Gm7 / | E | | And with me all the time | A | B | E | Be all my breath, my blood, and my bones My | A | B | E | heart my head and my home My every | A | B | A | B need Oh, love, be my | E | | | entirety Be my tempest A storm ain’t always unkind Be my flood, honey We’ll all drown sometime Be my harmony My reason and my rhyme Be my song, honey My melody and my time Be the chord, the cadence, and key The drum, the dance, the degree Be all my breath, my blood, and my bones My heart my head and my home My every need Oh, Love, Oh, Love be my entirety
Now, Danny, they say I'm a coward Because I couldn't fight any longer I took my own gun and I fired it once and the bullet took two of my fingers Back home in the field it was raining and the snow lay high in the mountains but here in the desert, it's been dry now forever though the blood and the tears are the fountain Now those that will do the leaving are the ones whose conscience grows weary and the first ones to die are the ones whose pride bows to their mother's grieving Back home in the field it was raining and the snow lay high in the mountains but here in the desert, it's been dry now forever though the blood and the tears are the fountain When I first left my home I was willing When the fifes played I answered the calling still the old become young and the young hold their tongues and we cover our eyes and march blindly Back home in the field it was raining and the snow lay high in the mountains but here in the desert, it's been dry now forever though the blood and the tears are the fountain


These are some demos Jon recorded over the last several years. They ought to be on an album with the full band, because they feel more like Midway Fair songs and not just Jon songs. But sometimes life gets in the way, ya know? Many of them are recorded on homemade equipment.


released May 28, 2019

Recordings by Jon Patton
Album cover by Joe Scala




Midway Fair Baltimore, Maryland

Pretty music about ugly things.

Want more? Check out Baltimericana!

“Reminds me a lot of Fairport Convention [...] The playing and craft are exquisite.“ ~Jon Worley, Aid & Abet

For the most part, timeless [...] like a group of minstrels found electric guitars and wrote an album over the course of 500 years.

~John Powell,, July 18, 2011
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